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Other inhabitants of the sanctuary include robber crocodilian, smooth-coated otter, Hyaena, and Indian Wolf. Eight of the twenty-six rare turtle species found in the Asian nation are in Chambal. Indian narrow-headed softshell turtle, three-striped roof turtle, Indian flap shell turtle, softshell turtle, Indian roofed turtle, Indian tent turtle, lizards, and topped watercourse turtle also find their shelter under the same. Mammals that live here include Macaca Mulatta Old World Monkey, Hanuman Catarrhine, Golden Canis Aureus, Bengal Fox, Common Civet Cat, Little Asian Viverrine, Indian Gray Viverrine, Jungle Cat, Wild Boar, Sambar, Nilgai, Blackbuck, Indian Antelope, Northern Palm Squirrel, Indian Crested Gnawer, Indian hare, Indian Fruit Bat, and Indian Long-Eared Hedgehog. 

The National Chambal Sanctuary is also a registered crucial bird space (IBA) and could be a projected Ramsar website. Around 320 species of resident and migratory birds inhabit the sanctuary. Indian Skimmer, Sarus Crane, Pallas Fish Hawk & the Indian Shorebird are some vulnerable bird species found in the area. Winter guests embrace Black-Bellied Larid, Red-Crested Aythya Ferina, Ferruginous Aythya Ferina, Bar-Headed Goose, Shorebird, Wading bird, Darter, and Brown Owl. 

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