WI-FI Services - Gharial

Imagine being in such a surreal place but not clicking any pictures or upload them to show your royal vacation off. Although that might sound like a digital detox & zen mode, we are not monks! We are humans & we want to capture and share every memory possible.

In this new age where technology has overruled our day-to-day life, it is almost impossible to live without internet services. It has become an integral part of our lives. From playing music to knowing directions to do the work, we need the internet. And when everything else is so perfect, we don’t want you to worry about poor connection. Enjoy complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi services for a smooth flow of work when you’re at Gharial Bagh Resorts.

You can do your work, hear music, watch films, post pictures on Instagram, chat on WhatsApp, and conduct video conferences online with unlimited, free WI-FI.

Enjoy your vacations with the rapidness and smartness of technology!