Visitor attractions - Gharial

Visitor attractions:

There are several attractions for visitors at the National Chambal Sanctuary. The most beautiful sight-seeing and photography of gharials and dolphins often take place while going through the water. A ship or boat excursion includes several viewpoints for photography of water, shorebirds, and landscapes. Walking there also gives a chance to experience the beauty of the trails closely.  

Visitors could also explore Ater Fort, a fine-looking, tumble-down landmark and historical website close to Ater city, thirty-five kilometres from Bhind. The fort, built by the Bhadauria brothers, is located on the banks of the Chambal watercourse. One can go there by bus or car. There are forest rest homes at Bah & Chakkar Nagar and structure Department inspection bungalows at Bah and Pinahat. This area has many industrial hotels and eco-lodges at Agra, Etawah, and Bah.

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