Swimming pool - Gharial

Nothing is as serene, soothing, and relaxing as the warmth and calmness of the water. In Rajasthan, we worship water. And not just in the spiritual sense, but in its soulful sense too. 

Imagine this: Dark & quiet surroundings, silent water but the waves making a sound of flow, soothing music playing at one corner, you devouring the richness of a soul-drenching beverage, half-wet body, & just you and your loved ones, and your relaxation!
Just imagine
To drain out all your stresses and feel the freshness and rhythm of every droplet of water on your bosom, we provide you with Gharial Bagh Resort’s vast, hygienic, majestic swimming pools. Pools where you can spend your precious moments with your loved ones or where you can embrace your solitude intimately. 

Padharo Sa!